Review Process

Review Process

Manuscripts that are found suitable for publication in International Journal of Innovation Engineering and Science Research are sent to two or more expert reviewers. On submission, editors review all submitted manuscripts initially for suitability for formal review.

Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific or technical flaws, or lack of a significant message are rejected before proceeding for formal peer-review. The review process is double blind. The Editor prepares a decision letter according to the comments of the reviewers, which is sent to the corresponding author. Editorial rejection

Your journal manuscript can be rejected if it:

Lacks proper structure

Lacks the necessary detail for readers to fully understand the authors' analysis

Has no new science

Does not clearly explain which parts of the findings are new science, versus what was already known

Lacks up-to-date references

Contains theories, concepts, or conclusions that are not fully supported by its data, arguments, and information

Does not provide enough details about materials and methods to allow other scientists to repeat the experiment

Lacks clear descriptions or explanations of: Hypotheses tested

The experimental design Sample characteristics and descriptive statistics

Describes poor experimental design, or faulty or insufficient statistical analysis

Has poor language quality